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Title: 40 Days & 40 Nights

Author: Annamollyisdead

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don’t own anybody

Summary: Leighton is kinda sorta Catholic, Blake has really, really bad timing and the rest of the Gossip Girl cast are along for a crazy comedic ride.

A/N: I seriously wrote over 6,000 words without a prompt… [WOW] and it could very well suck because A.) it’s un beta’d and I’m prone to mistakes y B.) *cough* I wasn’t drinking/smoking anything when I wrote this *cough*



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Title: Running the Risk
Author: Me
Rating: PG-13/T
Disclaimer: Fiction!! I don't own anybody!
A/N: Written for thebleighton_squee spring ficathon


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Title: Fate

Author: Me... otherwise known as Anna-Molly lol annamollyisdead 

Rating: PG-13/T... Really, sometimes there are no better adjectives than those four letter words lol Nothing bad though lol

Disclaimer: Really, I don't own anything... totally fiction!

Author's note: So I took another trip to the Prompt Pit and found this prompt: Blake and Leighton get locked in a room together on set. And much like my other Bleighton fic, this one totally took on a mind of it's own too lol This one is luckily not as long though. Un-beta'd so I take all responsibility for any glaring mistakes lol It's probably really kinda cheesy too lol but bare with me guys, I'm a sucker for fluffiness with that being said, enjoy!


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Title: Victory Day
Author: Anna-Molly... O.K.A. me
Rating: R because I have a potty mouth (seriously sometimes there aren't any better adjectives, although I did try my best to censor) among other reasons.
Disclaimer: Obviously fiction and I don't own anyone because that would be highly illegal.
A/N: So I was majorly bored and ran out of ideas for some good Waldsen fic and thought, "well hey, why don't I try Bleighton" but I had no ideas for that either, SO... (this is gonna be a ridiculously long A/N... bare with me here ppl!) I went over to the magnificent Prompt Pit and found this request:
let's get some major AU. WWII era. Leighton's a bar singer, Blake's a military captain, what happens when these two cross! and thought, "well I'm a history major/creative writing minor! That sounds right up my alley... plus 1940's Leighton (iI totally imagined a Peggy Lee/Andrews Sisters/Dinah Shore vibe) = totally hott" So, I gave it a shot and it just kinda took on a mind of its own and became like super long, super quickly. There's a good possibility that it really sucks because I wrote it early in the morning and it's un-beta'd cuz, ermm... I don't have a beta, so all mistakes are my own, especially the anachronisms... with that being said... enjoy!



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